Our infant and toddler parent and me programs continue in the tradition of Emerson Parent Education. Parent and child attend class together, once a week for 2.5-3 hours.

Infant classes are centered around discussion of infant development and common concerns as well as opportunities for music and playtime with the babies. There is also time for socialization among parents.

Toddler classes for 13-17 month olds and 18-30 month olds and their parents have a parent discussion component as well as indoor and outdoor free play, art experiences and beginning teacher time activities.

Our infant and toddler classes are taught by specialists who understand young children’s development and are experienced in providing guidance to both parents and children

• Emphasize the role of the parents as the child’s first and most important teacher
• Encourage parents to develop confidence in their parenting abilities
• Emphasize respect for personal family and cultural values
• Encourage positive and realistic expectations for parents and children
• Provide guidance and insight to parents in a supportive group setting
• Develop lasting friendships among parents and children

Please click on the preschool link above and follow the links to infant and toddler programs. Contact us at office@covpreschool.org or phone 310.670.5758 for further information.